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I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Labor Studies at Tel Aviv University. My research is in the areas of inequality, education, labor markets and organizations. My recent studies explore shifts in the ecology of higher education--including the massive expansion of for-profit colleges and other open admission colleges--and assess their impact on students’ educational and labor market outcomes. In other projects, I examine the sources and implications of the underrepresentation of women and minorities in STEM fields, and how college application behavior impacts student outcomes. My work appeared in several peer-reviewed journals, including Demography, Social Forces, Sociology of Education, Social Problems, Social Science Research, and Sociological ScienceYou can read more about my ongoing projects here, and view my published work here.


I received my PhD in Sociology from Cornell University in 2016 (you can read about my dissertation project here). Prior to joining the Social Science Faculty at Tel Aviv University, I was a Research Scientist on the Demography and Survey Science Team at Facebook, Inc. and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for the Study of Inequality at Cornell University. 

In the next academic year (2023-4) I will be on Sabbatical at the Center for the Study of Inequality at Cornell University

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