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I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Labor Studies at Tel Aviv University. My research is in the areas of inequality, education, organizations, and research methodology.


Much of my work focuses on higher education, a pivotal arena for distributing societal resources and for public policy. My work explores how students navigate the complex settings of higher education and how the institutional arrangements they encounter shape their experiences and outcomes. I am particularly interested in understanding why these trajectories differ by students' gender, ethnicity, race, and socioeconomic status. I employ various research methodologies to study these patterns, including advanced quantitative techniques, counterfactual logic-driven simulations and causal inference, tools tailored for handling large datasets and text data, and computational methods grounded in social network analysis. 


My work appeared in leading generalist and field peer-reviewed journals, including Demography, Social Forces, Sociology of Education, Social Problems, Social Science Research, and Sociological Science. You can read more about my ongoing projects here, and view my published work here.

I received my PhD in Sociology from Cornell University in August 2016. Shortly after, I joined Meta, Inc. (when it was still called Facebook) as a Research Scientist on the Demography and Survey Science Team. At Meta, I used sociological knowledge and advanced methods to tackle business and real-world challenges. After two exciting years, I rejoined academia and assumed a faculty position at Tel Aviv University. 

This academic year (2023-4) I am a Visiting Scholar at the Center for the Study of Inequality at Cornell University, where I develop new and exciting research projects and enjoy the beautiful Finger Lakes area.   

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