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Published work

Dafna Gelbgiser (2021) "Socioeconomic Segregation, Campus Social Context, and Disparities in Bachelor's Degree Attainment", Demography, forthcoming. (View the Online Appendix Available here)

Weeden, Kim A.,  Dafna Gelbgiser, and Stephen L. Morgan (2020) “Pipeline Dreams: Occupational Plans and Gender Differences in STEM Major Persistence and Completion." Sociology of Education, Forthcoming. 

Gelbgiser, Dafna (2018) “College for All, Degrees for Few: For-Profit Colleges and Socioeconomic Inequality in Degree Attainment.” Social Forces, Volume 96, Issue 4, Pages 1785–1824

Gelbgiser, Dafna and Kyle Albert (equal authorship) (2017). “Green for All? Gender Segregation and Emerging Green Fields of Study in US Higher Education." Social Problems, Forthcoming.

Gelbgiser, Dafna and Sigal Alon (2016). "Math-Oriented Fields of Study and the Race Gap in Graduation Likelihoods at Elite Colleges", Social Science Reseach 58: 150-164. See the Supplementry Appendix here

Morgan, Stephen L. and Dafna Gelbgiser (2014). "Mexican Ancestry, Immigrant Generation, and Educational Attainment in the United States." Sociological Science 1:397-422.

Morgan, Stephen L., Dafna Gelbgiser, and Kim A. Weeden (2013). "Feeding the Pipeline: Gender, Occupational Plans, and College Major Selection." Social science research 42:989-1005

Alon, Sigal, and Dafna Gelbgiser (2011). "The Female Advantage in College Academic Achievements and Horizontal Sex Segregation." Social science research 40: 107-119.


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