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PAA 2023 Annual Meeting  in New Orleans, LA

  1. Gelbgiser, Dafna and Oded Mcdossi, "Diverging Pathways: First Year College Courses and the Gender Gap in STEM Degree Attainment among STEM-Aspiring Students". 

    • Session 604-Education's Unequal Distribution and Returns in High-Income Countries​

  2. Haupt, Andreas and Dafna Gelbgiser, "The Gendered Division of Cognitive Household Labor, Mental Load, and Exhaustion"

    •  Session 705-Families and inequalities 

  3. Gelbgiser, Dafna and Sigal Alon "Ethnic Disparities in College Application Behavior and their Implications for Educational Stratification: Evidence from Revealed Choices Data"

    • Session 606 - Ethno-Racial Inequality  

RC28 2023 Spring Meeting in Paris, France

  1. Gelbgiser, Dafna & Efrat Hertzberg-Druker "Emerging Inequalities: The Role of Family Structure and Gender in Work-to-school Transitions during the Covid-19 Pandemic" (Oral presentation) 

Haifa 2023 Workshop on  Income Inequality

  1. Gelbgiser, Dafna & Limor Gabay-Egozi "The Gendered Value of Education in the “college for all” Era"

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